Timmynocky is an old nautical term a catch all equivalent to thingamajig.

Me, I'm an old thingamajig with a passion for Sailing and Wooden Boats.

My previous sailing exploits have taken me around the coast of Britain France Portugal Spain, the Azores Bermuda and Florida and spent time traversing the French canals.

Mignonne is my present boat even though she is now back in the water I am still in the process of rebuilding her.

DIY Wood Boat is my website which is dedicated to encourage the use, maintenance, restoration and building of wooden boats by amateurs like me.

It is also intended to dispel many of the myths put about by the plastic boat industry.

My wooden boat is 60 years old how many 60 year old plastic boats do you know of that look as good or could be rebuilt?

The idea behind the website was to bring together as much information on wooden boat construction in one place as I could.

I also wanted to create a show place where those many wooden boat enthusiasts could show off their boats, what better way could there be to encourage others.

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